Makeupblend is proud to be a cruelty free company and 100% vegan. We use only the finest synthetic hair to hand craft each of our brushes. Unlike natural brushes, our synthetic brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them excellent to use with liquid or cream products, because they won’t trap makeup. Synthetic bristles tend to gravitate towards one another, making them perfect for precision application. There are many other benefits to using vegan, cruelty free brushes.

Benefits of synthetic brushes:  

Synthetic brushes made of nylon or polyester filaments are less likely to become damaged by the makeup itself or products you might use to clean your brushes.

Synthetic brushes are easier to keep clean because they don’t absorb the makeup
pigment. This means less cleaning and wear-and-tear.

Synthetic brushes are better for creating a soft, layered look with makeup.

Many individuals are sensitive or allergic to the animal hair that some brushes are
made from, including squirrel, mink, sable and horse hair. Synthetic brushes are better suited for people with those sensitivities.

Synthetic brushes are simply the cleaner, greener approach to makeup and esthetic applications. They offer many more application benefits than natural hair brushes, without being at the expense of our precious animals.

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