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Welcome to Makeupblend. I am Anastasia Andreani and together with my husband, Alfredo Andreani, we have co-founded Makeupblend. I am a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist of over 15 years, and have founded numerous online beauty education academies. My husband Alfredo is a marketing specialist with experience in SEO, website development, photography, online education and has founded numerous cosmetic companies for over 20 years. 

While working as an esthetician, and doing high end facials at a top medical spa in Chicago, I realized the beauty industry did not provide a choice of brushes to apply facials and skin care products with. Continuously swamped with clients, I desperately needed a facial brush set. One good brush would not be enough. I needed a hearty variety of brushes to accommodate all of my facials to apply all of my products with. Naturally, I took to the internet to find a facial brush set like the one I envisioned in my dreams, only to realize the only place such a set existed was in my dreams. There was no record anywhere of a facial brush set or even a company where I could purchase the brushes specifically intended to apply facials and skin care products. I found it remarkably hard to believe that there could be so many great products and cutting edge technologies on the market, yet no brush sets designed to specifically apply these masks and facial products with. 

This is when Makeupblend and Facialblend was born. We began designing the first esthetician dream facial set, and came up with the first prototype. We carefully crafted the 14 piece dream set with the brushes every esthetician needs to start their career. Being animal lovers, it was extremely important that our entire line be 100% vegan and we also wanted this set to be unique. We took great care designing the handles so they are reflective. Instead of silk screening the logo and description on each brush, which can wear off in time, we laser engraved them into the handles. In addition, we added UV coating to each brush for extra protection so the brushes our customers receive are the highest quality, longest lasting and best performance brushes on the market. 

By popular demand and pleading requests from so many students and influencers, Alfredo and I went on to develop and launch our newest products: a 24 piece special FX dream set which is designed to achieve creative SFX looks involving latex, fake blood and high pigmented makeup looks. These high quality brushes are made to withstand harsh solvents and products. You cannot find a unique set like this on the market. We created the 24 piece Dream Set, where each brush was specifically selected by celebrity makeup artists around the world and paired with our technology to ensure flawlessly blended makeup applications. Now Makeupblend offers facial brushes, makeup brushes and special FX makeup brushes individually or as a complete set within our website. 

Welcome to the next generation of beauty brushes!



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